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White city

About the company

In 2020, we created the SOLART brand and company and started our activity by importing various categories of solar energy products to Azerbaijan.
Although we are not very old, we are developing and advancing rapidly, gaining experience. We are the only Azerbaijani company specializing in solar lighting. We believe that this is also important for our state, because the development of alternative energy, including the use of solar energy, is one of the priority areas of our economy and ecology.
SOLART carries out various tests on the products of the world's leading manufacturers and organizes the sale of quality products by importing them to our country. Our range of products has increased 7 times and exceeded 100 since we started our activity, and this pace of development continues.
Today, SOLART has an experienced and strong team that will implement solar energy systems in large-scale projects. We invite public and private organizations to cooperate!

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