Full range of services such as development of project concepts, their construction, sale and management of finished facilities



Baku, Sabail district,
Khanlar 59

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Bayil plaza

About the company

As a construction company, Mahal Construction offers a full range of services in the real estate market, from the development of project concepts, their construction, sale and management of finished facilities. The company's goal is to implement large-scale projects in the real estate market of Baku. Today, the main activity of the company is the implementation of residential projects.

For the company, timely and quality implementation of projects is a key factor. This is possible due to the use of the latest construction technologies and quality construction materials, a professional approach to project management and the work of highly qualified specialists.

We not only build beautiful residential buildings, we also create a comfortable living environment, including shopping centers, schools, kindergartens, clinics, green areas and landscaped yards.

Currently, three projects are being implemented under the Mahal Construction brand. These are the premium segment project Panorama Bayil and the business segment project Baku Nar Residence and Chinar. The projects implemented by the company have all the necessary features of modern living spaces - well-thought-out planning, well-developed infrastructure, quality design, self-service, etc.

The company is also ready to cooperate in the implementation of commercial construction projects. This is the construction of resort complexes, business centers, hotels, shopping facilities.

As a young, dynamic company, Mahal Construction is confidently gaining ground in the local construction market.

Each of our services has high consumer characteristics. We constantly set new tasks and purposefully take steps to achieve them, consistently implement them, improve our performance and improve the mechanism of action. This is a prerequisite for increasing the company's competitiveness.

Proper placement of priorities and efficient use of resources, effective cooperation, allow the company to always find common ground with its partners.

You can always witness our reliability in practice!