The company produces high quality confectionery.



Baku, Buzovna settlement,
Hacı İsgəndər küçəsi.dalan 2

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00

About the company

“Lazzat-AA” LLC is committed to creating products of the highest quality and in accordance with the world standards. We utilize the latest technological achievements in the industry with the aim of exporting our products to the world markets in the future. The original policy of “Lazzat-A.A” LLC is to provide hygienic and quality products to the customers. The products manufactured by our company have been certified by AZS National Certificate System, Azerbaijan State Standardization and Meteorology Center and Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic and relevant Hygienic and Conformity Certificates have been issued. The source of success of “Lazzat-A.A.” LLC lies in the production of high quality products and application of new technologies and this enables us to create mutually beneficial long-term business relations with enterprises in several foreign countries.
 The targets of our company for this purpose are: To work efficiently towards achieving our goals; To treat both employees and customers with courtesy and respect; To comply in full with hygienic standards; To produce high quality and healthy products without harming the human health in accordance with the Food Charter; To apply every type of organizational and technological innovations; To develop all fields of production in order to facilitate the creation of higher quality standards. “Lazzat-A.A.” LLC is committed to upholding the industry standards, incorporating the latest technological achievements and innovations into its production process, as well as to operating in a fair and competitive environment from the day of its establishment. At present, as a manufacturer of confectionary products, we continue to create healthy and high quality products in accordance with the tastes of consumers in the domestic market.