Restaurant "BEERLOGA" although it has an extensive menu of European dishes and a bar with a very diverse selection of drinks, mainly focuses on beer and snacks for this drink.
Located in one of the oldest buildings in the city center, the restaurant combines modern exterior decoration and rich interior decoration with the preservation of the original interior.

The VIP room is designed for 10-12 people, there are 2 rooms, as well as a barn room. The office for 8 people makes the restaurant more flexible for receiving visitors with the most demanding taste.
The restaurant is open until 6 in the morning. The staff is courteous, the music matches the setting. Large selection of beers from the best varieties.

"BEERLOGA" is a beer restaurant of the highest level, where your requirements for both the quality of the cuisine and a pleasant pastime will be satisfied.


1 AZN = 0.58 USD = 0.48 EUR = 43.66 RUB