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Implementation of international cargo transportation

Transportation of dangerous goods

Colibri Express now carries out clearance and transportation of dangerous goods by air, both import and export.

Our employees, specially trained and certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), carry out clearance and packaging of all types of dangerous goods.

Services include:

Determining which class of dangerous goods the product belongs to; Preparation of the relevant dangerous goods declaration (Shipper's declaration for dangerous goods); Packaging of the product belonging to the dangerous cargo class in special boxes according to the corresponding category; Implementation of appropriate labeling (marking and labeling);

Dangerous goods transported by air are divided into 9 classes by the International Air Transport Association - IATA.

This applies to:



Accelerating liquids;

Accelerated solids;

Oxidizing agents and organic pesticides;

Toxic and infectious substances;

Radioactive substances;

Corrosive materials;

Other items not belonging to these categories.

Any dangerous goods may be accepted for carriage by air only after they have been documented and packaged by an IATA-certified person. Because the transportation of dangerous goods by air transport must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the "IATA" International Air Transport Association.

In order to determine which class of dangerous goods the product belongs to and whether it belongs to the general category of dangerous goods or not, the product safety data sheet (MSDS-Material Safety Data Sheet) must be presented. This document is provided by the manufacturer for each product.