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About the company

Throughout all the years of our company grows, develops and strives to be better, not only in their market, but by and large, as the employees.

Our factory, established in 1993 to the year, can be named leader of the Azerbaijani factories producing wood industry.

The name of the firm “Avropa Gapylary” (“European Doors”) due to the use in the production of European technology and European equipment. For the manufacture of our products are used high quality machines with numerical control, which greatly improves the quality of goods, bringing it closer to the requirements of international and European standards.

On the basis of agreements with various foreign companies in countries such as Italy, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Georgia, factory receives all the necessary for the production and acquisition of raw materials, different. Paints, and accessories. That allows us to annually increase our product range and
offer our customers a huge selection of doors, windows, built-in furniture for home, office or dachas, plastic and iron products from various environmentally friendly domestic and imported materials.

Time passes and changes and to date, produced by our craftsmen in our country the goods are not inferior in quality to foreign counterparts. Produced on imported equipment, it compares favorably to the import of its price. So now we are relying on just the domestic manufacturer.

To date, our factory for more than 200 craftsmen and workers. All installation work, including boxes, frames, accessories are free of charge, assemblers, installers, which today has about 80.

Our experts with special attention to all the customers’ needs and strive to meet all the requirements of even the most refined. It all depends on you – Whether you stay in a quiet classical form, or decide to bring your ideas, as well as be able to offer hundreds of its own, with special amenities, elegance and grace. To do this in our factory about 30 managers, designers and engineers.

Today we offer our customers a huge selection of doors, windows and built-in furniture for your home, office and give out different kinds of clean, domestic and imported materials.