Resort with a miraculous salt cave that makes people healthy and promises a great holiday experience.



Nakhchivan, Nakhchivan,
Duzdagi road

24 / 7

About the company

Duzdag salt caves are located in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic at an altitude of 1173 meters above sea level. Patients with respiratory diseases are successfully treated here. The Physiotherapy Center is 2 km from our hotel. The hospital itself consists of above-ground and underground parts. The first one is located in Duzdag and in the hotel "Duzdag", and the second one is under the mountain at a depth of 300 meters from the entrance to the 2nd main mining shop of the salt mines. The medical center, located in the Duzdag Hotel, consists of 5 galleries, in which 47 wards with 128 beds are located, there is a cafeteria, a TV room, a library. In the treatment center of the Duzdag Hotel, a doctor, security around the clock, cleaning are at your service. Treatment of patients is carried out under the supervision of medical personnel. During the day, you can relax in comfortable rooms. You can relieve stress and fatigue by visiting the Aquapark, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, basketball, football grounds, tennis courts and fitness centers.