Currency exchange points

Currency exchange offices in Baku and similar currency exchange places in one address. For more information, click on the menu section below.
BANK AVRASIYA Exchange (1) Exchange of BANK AVRASIYA 
  • Nizami st. 70, Главный офис
  • Sahil
BANK AVRASIYA Exchange (2) Selling dollar in BANK AVRASIYA 
  • Khagani 85 B, филиал "Buta"
BANK AVRASIYA Exchange Sumqayit Exchange of BANK AVRASIYA in Sumqayit 
  • 1-й квартал, дом 2, филиал в Сумгаите
BTB Exchange Head Office Exchange of BTB 
  • Yusif Safarov 27
BTB Exchange branch "28 May" Sale of euro in BTB 
  • 28 May st. 20
  • 28 May
BTB Exchange branch "Adjemi" The ruble exchange rate in BTB 
  • Javad Khan st. 11, 3005-й квартал
  • Memar Ajami
  • Aga Neymatulla 38, кв. 10
BTB Exchange branch "Ganjlik 2" Sale of rubl in BTB 
  • Azadlig ave. 128 P
BTB Exchange branch "Hezi Aslanov" Sale of dollar in BTB 
  • Mahammad Hadi 65
  • Hazi Aslanov
BTB Exchange branch "Khatai" Dollar and euro in BTB 
  • 2/15

Currency exchange points

Currency exchange counters are the department of the bank that carries out operations on the purchase and sale of cash currency from individuals. Officially speaking, currency exchange is the purchase, sale and exchange of foreign currency based on the exchange rate in the Republic of Azerbaijan in accordance with the law.

Persons licensed for currency exchange in the country as well as in Baku are resident legal entities and natural persons and branches of non-resident legal entities licensed for currency exchange (currency exchange) in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Currency Regulation". It is carried out on the basis of. The list of currency exchange counters in Baku is mentioned in detail on our page. You can refer to the relevant sections for information.