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Cake, cupcakes, chocolate, etc. narrow down the list with the addresses of stores that sell confectionery products.

ALIAHMED Confectionery house 
  • 122
AZCAKE (10) Chocolate cruasanes 
  • Narimanov district, Tabriz 60
AZCAKE (11) Chocolate cake and cruasanes 
  • Bina village, Sovkhoz 3-й км., возле Мечети Имама Гасана, внутри "Rahat Market"
AZCAKE (12) Sweet Buns 
  • Nasimi st., 20 Yanvar 1, внутри "Rahat Market"
  • Memar Ajami
AZCAKE (13) Profiteroles with Sweet Custard 
  • Nasimi st., Acad. Hasan Aliyev 12 B, внутри "Rahat Market"
AZCAKE (14) Sweet pastries and rolls 
  • Khazar(ex- Azizbekov) district, Mardakan highway 15, Мардакян пос., внутри "Rahat Market"
AZCAKE (15) Delicious sweets 
  • Nasimi st., Azadlig ave. 116, напротив школы №47, внутри "Rahat Market"
AZCAKE (16) Azerbaijanian and Europe sweets 
  • Mashtaga village, Nizami st. 2 B
AZCAKE (17) Tasty cakes 
  • Yasamal district, Hasanbey Zardabi ave. 69, 1-й этаж, внутри "Rahat Market"
AZCAKE (18) tasty eclers 
  • Mardakan village, Sumgayit highway 3-й км, возле АЗС Лукойл, внутри "Rahat Market"


When talking about confectionary products, the sweets that each of us loves are cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, etc. remembers. These confectionery products, which are widely used in our diet, are divided into 2 types: floury and sugary. Pies, cupcakes, cookies, pancakes, waffles, cakes, etc. sweets such as can be attributed to flour confectionery products. Marmalade, jam, jam, povidlo, caramel, chocolate are considered sugar confectionery products. The number of shops selling confectionery products in Baku is sufficient. The addresses of shops selling cakes, cupcakes, chocolate and other confectionery products are listed on our page.