Cleaning services

Below is a directory of cleaning companies.
1001 SERVIS Preparation of summer cottages and houses for the season 
  • Suleyman Vazirov 11
  • Khatai
166 TEMIZLIK XIDMETI Take time for yourself and your loved ones! 
  • Abbas Mirza Sharifzade 134
  • Inshaatchilar
166 XALCA YUMA Perfect cleaning of your carpets 
  • Abbas Mirza Sharifzade 168a
  • Inshaatchilar
BEST CLEANING GROUP All types of professional cleaning services 
  • Tabriz 100A
  • Nariman Narimanov
BRILLIANCE TEMIZLIK XIDMETI The beauty of a home is in its cleanliness. 
  • Yusif Vazir Chamanzaminli 121
  • Nariman Narimanov
CAGIR.AZ Məişət Xidmətləri 
  • Zarifa Aliyeva 55
  • 28 May
CLEAN HEART Cleaning service 
  • Ahmad Rajabli 1/25B
  • Nariman Narimanov
CLEAN HOUSE Comprehensive cleaning services 
  • Ali Mustafayev 46
  • Inshaatchilar
CLEAN.AZ The way to clean! 
  • Uzbekistan st. 24
  • Gara Garayev
CLEANFIX Cleaning of apartments and offices 
  • Heydar Aliyev ave. 99/1
  • Nariman Narimanov

Cleaning services

Cleanliness is important for everyone. Especially in our culture, house cleaning is very important. However, all people living at home today need support in cleaning because they work at a fast pace. As women have taken on a more active role in working life than in the past, it has now become common for women to do housework. Although cleanliness is a necessity, people no longer have time for it. So I need help cleaning up. Companies that offer cleaning services make it easier. Thus, home cleaning is more reliable.

Cleaning may seem easy, but it takes a lot of time. Every woman knows that she starts by cleaning a small area and then spends hours cleaning all the details. The desire to have a clean and hygienic environment in your home is the most natural need. It is important that the companies that help you are experienced. If you don't have free time or want to spend it more productively instead of cleaning, it's time to ask for help with cleaning your home. By getting help cleaning your home, you can spend more time with your loved ones and yourself, and spend more time with your children.

The number of companies offering cleaning services has increased compared to previous periods. Like everything, housekeeping has its price. This fee is easy to identify. Variables such as the number of rooms and square meters of the house to be cleaned, as well as the desired service, determine prices. You can check the list of companies offering cleaning services in Baku from our list.