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Baku, Sabail district,
Uzeyir Hajibeyov 135-153

Monday - Saturday

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28 May

Port Baku Mall

About the company

All roads lead to Rome, and it was here that the history of the famous brand "Brioni" began in the forty-fifth year of the last century. Then Gaetano Savini and Nazareno Fonticoli opened their first studio, which was engaged in the production and sale of products under the brand name "Brioni". The company received its name in honor of one of the resorts on the Adriatic coast. Those times were hard, and opening such a business would have been a very risky step, but the founders of "Brioni" lived in Italy - a country where people's desire to look stylish and beautiful has always outweighed natural human needs, such as hunger. That is why Gaetano Savini and Nazareno Fonticoli were confident in the success of their business. It is worth noting that since its inception, the brand has established itself as the standard of the haute couture class. The main focus was on made-to-measure models, these are those that are made to individual measurements, and not to classic patterns. The customer had to wait for such clothes for three weeks, and if rare fabrics were required to make the costume, the process could stretch for two months. But people were willing to wait, because "Brioni" is worth it. Moreover, the process of creating a costume required only two or three fittings, so the client was not tired of it. Nowadays, anyone can place an order for tailoring a made-to-measure suit in the "Brioni" store. At the same time, all products are sewn exclusively in the city of Pena, which is located in Italy. Modern specialists of the company "Brioni" also offer tailoring of a "bespoke" suit. This is a special technology that combines individual fittings and patterns, it implies a very high quality of work and impeccable execution. In this case, it is necessary to carry out about three fittings, which are carried out personally by the chief tailor of "Brioni" Angelo Petrucci (Angelo Petrucci). The modern style of the brand is considered one of the most conservative in the fashion market. The company has a huge number of fans around the world.