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About the company

Animal feed and additives Feed yeast is an effective, environmentally friendly feed supplement, mainly protein, designed to feed large and small horned animals, fish and poultry. Feed yeast is produced on the basis of grain barley and is an excellent supplement for feeding animals with concentrates, jom and silage to enrich the feed. The optimal ratio of vitamins A, E, D, C, calcium and phosphorus in the yeast ratio ensures the perfect development of a strong bone skeleton of young animals. There are many macro and micro elements (K, Ca, P, Mg, Fe, Cu, Co, Mn, Zn, etc.). The amino acid content of feed yeast protein exceeds the amount of protein in the grains of wheat and other cereals. Country of origin: Russian Federation ТУ 9296-001-00479155-02 There are other vitamins and feed additives for poultry and IBH.