Disinfection of premises and apartments after the death of a person

Sometimes it happens that the body of a deceased person has laid for some time enough for beginning of the decomposition process. The so-called autolysis is the process when the cells and tissues are decomposed and accompanied by decay. As a result, the entire room is filled with a pungent cadaveric smell having the feature to be absorbed into upholstery materials, furniture, even the floor. Moreover, all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria, toxins able to cause various diseases begin to develop and spread.

The most intensive airing will only not "erase" pathogenic microbes, but will not even get rid of the smell and various aromatic air fresheners will only mask it for a short time. This is exactly the case when the intervention of the professional sanitary-epidemiological service is not only necessary, but inevitable.

Professional sanitization of apartments and houses after the death of a person in Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine.

Specialists of the funeral home "Funeral Services" provide a range of services to get rid of the unpleasant odor, bacteria and toxins remained after the death and long stay of the deceased person in the building. Even the trace of bacteria and odor will not remain in the sanitized building after the disinfection with special preparations using modern equipment.

Housecleaning after the death of a person

Complete disposition of garbage, old furniture, accumulated belongings of the deceased person is a task for professionals. We work with any kind of recycling, so you can trust us. We will save you from unnecessary worries regarding cleaning of premises after death. And remember, it's necessary to get rid of unnecessary things as soon as possible.