Гидроизоляция пола



Баку, Насиминский р-он,
ул. 28 Мая 17, 1-й этаж


Понедельник - Пятница

09:00 - 17:00


12:00 - 13:00


28 мая

28 Mall

Подробнее о компании

Компания "AYADAM TRADING" предоставляет широкий спектр услуг по гидроизоляции напольных покрытий. Established in the 1990's as a trading business primarily in Industrial waterproofing, "Ayadam" is now one of the most diverse and fastest growing groups of companies headquartered on the famous Sheikh Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. "Ayadam" operates through 5 companies across sectors as diverse as construction, manufacturing and professional services. Following a "shared services" philosophy "Ayadam" has created a solid backbone which collaborates with its different divisions and help combine them to become one high-performance business. The success of "Ayadam" is attributed to strategic planning, inherent ability to identify opportunities added with its adaptability to changing market environment, this approach has considerably expanded its position in the GCC business landscape. Expending internationally many of our projects such as Port Baku residence, Four seasons Hotel, British Petroleum (BP) and White city hotel in Baku.