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Баку, Насиминский р-он,
Джафар Джаббарлы 44

Caspian Plaza, 5-й Этаж

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Globus Center

Подробнее о компании

The company "ADA INTER" is officially registered LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Azerbaijan. The founder and director of the company is IradaAgamirova. Investment in education, their own, theirchildren or employees - the right investment. Multiple repetition of this truth does not cease to be true. It is true that the dividend does not bring any, but only a very good education. Here and there are real problems: without the help of a professional to choose the right school - especially abroad - it is difficult. The company "ADA INTER" is suchprofessional. We are active, successfuland productively work over the years and present a wide range of services in the field of higher education abroad, various training courses, preparatory and language courses. We will be glad to see you and answer all your questions in Centre of "ADA İNTER" company!