Translation services

There are many companies that provide translation services in different languages. Take a look at the list we have prepared for you to check out their address.
BAKU TRANSLATION Translation services in Baku 
  • Samad Vurgun 34
  • 28 May
A-GROUP Translation services 
  • Aladdin Guliyev 11/30, 13-й этаж
AFA TRANSLATION Written and oral translation 
  • Najaf Narimanov 5A, кв. 36
AR COMPANY Translations of texts into all languages of the world 
  • Khudu Mammadov 4/38
  • Hazi Aslanov
  • Jafar Jabbarli 44
  • Nizami
ATLANT TRANSLATIONS Quality translations 
  • Khojaly ave. 55, 14-й этаж
  • Khatai
  • Uzeyir Hajibeyov 17
  • Nazim Hajiyev
  • Jafar Jabbarli 44, 1-й этаж
AVRASIA Translation center Sabail Translations from French, Spanish, English, Greek and other languages 
  • Uzeyir Hajibeyov 21/10
Baku Translation - Translation
Baku Translation - Translation

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Translation services

Translation companies with experienced and specialist staff offer simultaneous and written translation services of all kinds of texts, documents, oral and from all world languages into Azerbaijani and other languages.

As the translation industry operates under free market rules, translation service prices may vary from company to company. Quality and workforce stand out as the biggest reason for this difference. It is impossible for a translation agency that really wants and guarantees good quality to offer a very cheap price. Companies that work with professional translators and offer translation services will not be able to offer very reasonable prices because these translators are paid.

Written translation has an important position for the rapid and regular growth and development of the translation industry in our country. The translation process consists of three main stages. First, the source text is analyzed. Translated into the target language and generated text translated into the target language. It is first translated, then checked by editors. Necessary corrections are made. The supervisor first reads the source text independently and compares it with the translation. The text should be examined in terms of quality of linguistic expression, accuracy of spelling and grammar rules, chronological sequence, style of expression and comprehensibility.

Regardless of the language, a written translation by a translator saves the translator a little more time than an oral translation and allows for the correction of subtle errors. Translation means being able to compete with time and the risk of error that comes with human nature. Especially with developing technology and some translation programs being written, translators who offer written translation services have been able to complete the work at hand and translate more with a little relief in terms of both speed and error.