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Information about services - taxi services, ticket sales, evacuation, mobile phone repair, addresses of companies involved in computer repair, contact information, you can view in the menu section of our website.


You can get detailed information about service companies operating in various industries in Azerbaijan on the page. This includes companies providing taxi services, air ticket sales, evacuation, mobile phone repair, computer repair and other services. Unlike other sites, in addition to the types of services provided, you can get detailed information about companies and find their addresses on the map. You can get detailed information about the types of services from the category menu.

If you want to get detailed information about air tickets, you can easily get information such as companies operating on these services, their addresses and contact details by going to the ticket sales section.

There are many taxi services on the market. Customers can choose the service that best suits their needs. The most popular taxi services are those that offer the best customer service. Here are some features that customers look for in a taxi service:

- Ability to order a taxi online or through the program

- Ability to track the location of a taxi

- Possibility to pay by card or cash

- Ability to rate and comment on the driver

Customers often choose a taxi service with these factors in mind.

Our site also contains detailed information about service companies working in the field of mobile phone and computer repair, their addresses and contact information.


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