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Reserves of Azerbaijan

We have collected the names of nature reserves located in the country and their addresses on one page, for more information, pay attention to the menu section below.

KISH TARIX-MEMARLIQ QORUGU Archaeological, household ethnographic and sculptural examples 
  • Kish village
QALA DOVLET TARIX-ETNOQRAFIYA QORUGU Historical monuments reserve 
  • Gala village, Sulh 83
  • Sabail district, Castle (Gala) 76
  • Icherisheher
YANARDAG State Historical-Culture and Nature Reserve 
  • Mohammadi village
YUXARI BASH MILLI TARIX-MEMARLIQ QORUGU Cultural and tourism important monuments 

Reserves of Azerbaijan

Reserves are territories where any economic activity is completely prohibited: hunting, fishing, cutting and damaging trees and shrubs, mowing grass, picking berries and mushrooms, etc. Tourism is strictly limited here. This is the difference between nature reserves and national (natural) parks, which are created both for nature protection and for mass recreation of people. They are created by decision of state bodies and with the consent of the relevant bodies. Reserves in Azerbaijan are specially protected natural areas. There are mostly endemic plants and endangered animals. Detailed information about national reserves is indicated on our page. You can find the addresses in the corresponding section above.