Reservation systems

The directory of enterprises dealing with reservation systems in Baku is in our list.
EC ALLIANCE Booking tickets 
  • Nizami st. 239
  • 28 May
EC ALLIANCE GENCE Ticketing service 
  • Ataturk Avenue 258
SABRE AZERBAIJAN Types of airline access to the system, cobuilding of reservations, change of reservation, issuance of an electronic ticket 
  • İzmir 8
TRAVELPORT Booking system in Baku 
  • İzmir 7A

Reservation systems

Nowadays, reservation systems and many other information technologies are widely used in the tourism and air transport sectors.

These booking systems provided real-time access to detailed information about flights. Evaluating the effectiveness of the new reservation system, tourism companies demanded further expansion of the information in the reservation systems, as well as the functional capabilities of the system. As a result, the process of integration of the previous systems in the airlines into the new systems took place. In the newly created booking systems, not only information about seats on flights, but also telephone numbers, car rental, hotel seats, and railway ticket sales could be obtained. Such systems combined led to the creation of computer reservation systems, that is, a global system of booking tourist services. Addresses and contact details of enterprises dealing with reservation systems in Baku are listed on our page. For more information, you can look at the relevant section above.