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Baku, Nizami district,
Abdulla Mirzayev 31

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About the company

Every customer is valuable to us. Our mission is to do every job with great care, to provide quality service and products to every customer. It is the only element that leads us to today's success. Our company has experienced many radical changes since its establishment. As a result of the decisions we made in 2016, we started to specialize and operate in different fields in parallel with our business. We have achieved a structural growth and more institutional perspective by making some special business agreements and partnerships. MYZIRON is a company that has signed many products that can be produced from many materials such as iron, steel, wrought iron, and stainless steel. In addition, we have a wide range of work areas such as construction of external structures, construction work, building envelope applications, indoor applications, niche decorative product designs, many store concepts. We also added three different workshops / buildings to our structure and gathered these structures under a single managerial perspective. Among these, there are structures included in the system by taking over completely. There are also combinations made by strengthening the existing system by establishing a business partnership. Our current production network consists of four structures: Iron Works Wrought Iron Stainless and Steel Construction Structures Manufacturing Workshop, CNC Workshop, Sheet Twist-Panel and Cabinet Manufacturing Workshop, Furniture Workshop. Although all these workshops and teams have physically separate locations, they are managed under the umbrella of MYZIRON with a corporate management approach.