Motor transportation

In the following list, we present the companies providing services for car transportation, international and domestic cargo transportation and their addresses.
SHARK LOGISTICS Transport and logistics company. Provides cross-country cargo transportation. We are at your service with more than 100 TIR portfolios! 
  • Sumgayit highway 1
ABC GLOBAL TRANS (ES RUSTAMLI R.I.) Freight transportation 
  • Heydar Aliyev ave. 126
  • Ulduz
ABD TRANSPORT Domestic and international transportation, rental and sale of heavy construction equipment 
  • Jafar Jabbarli 44
  • Nizami
AGL LOGISTIKA We offer all types of logistics services, transportation and loading 
  • Hasanbey Zardabi 86B
  • 20 Yanvar
ASE & OCS Asia Africa Sky Express - Overseas Courier Service 
  • Uzeyir Hajibeyov 25
AZAT Transport company 
  • Binagadi highway 1N
  • Bekir Chobanzade 2403-й квартал
BAKU BUS transport service 
  • Zikh highway Территория 1-го Депо Baku Bus
BAKUTRANS Container Shipping 
  • Uzeyir Hajibeyov 27
  • Sahil
CASPIAN LOGISTICS FREIGHT & FORWARDING SERVICES The company is engaged in international cargo transportation 
  • Karpichnaya st. 1/14

Motor transportation

Today, road freight transport allows solving most of the operations for the transportation of goods. And the correct selection of the route is the basis of the activity, which allows you to reduce time and money costs. Let's talk about what is the service of organizing car cargo transportation in simple words, its basics and features. is the area responsible for organizing transportation to a specific location on the most optimal route intended for. It (car trucking service) includes three main points:

  • Car shipping cost, low cost delivery;
  • use of modern communication devices and equipment to monitor all stages of the process;
  • forwarding information about the cargo to its customer.

In our country, there are enough companies engaged in car freight transportation services. If you are looking for companies that provide car transportation, international car transportation services, detailed information is listed on our page. You can look at the relevant section above.