We have collected the addresses of minimarkets and stores operating near your location in one list.
OBA MARKET (124) Hazelnut, walnut, nut 
  • Faig Rustamov 20 A, Iron Hotel
  • Eldar Babayev 4 V, 3024-й квартал
OBA MARKET (126) Fruits, vegetables, berry 
  • Жилой массив V, дом 15 Е
OBA MARKET (127) Bal və arı məhsulları 
  • Жилой массив D, дом 13
OBA MARKET (128) Milk products 
  • Ени Гюнешли пос., 7 B
OBA MARKET (129) Sweets, jam, juice 
  • 14 İyul 20 А
OBA MARKET (130) Soda, natural juice 
  • Dadash Bunyadzadeh 230 A
OBA MARKET (131) Groceries in Baku 
  • Metbuat ave. 35 D
OBA MARKET (132) Bread, cake, cookie 
  • Dadash Bunyadzadeh 4
OBA MARKET (133) Tea, coffee, cacao 
  • Shafayat Mehdiyev 94
Sale of Altai, Bashkir honey at competitive prices!
Sale of Altai, Bashkir honey at competitive prices!

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Currently, the constant increase of new supermarket chains has caused serious competition for minimarket owners. However, despite this, minimarkets or in other words neighborhood markets are still trying to continue their activities. There are a number of key factors that help minimarket owners get great advantages. The advantages of a minimarket are that, first of all, it is closer in terms of distance, and there are a number of differences in terms of price, that more consumed food products are sold, etc. for example. Minimarket and similar small stores are more accessible to the population. Detailed information about other small stores such as minimarket located in Baku and their addresses is shown on our page. Browse the list for more information.