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Leasing companies and similar institutions in Azerbaijan at one address. For more information, click on the menu section below.

ANADOLU LEASING Leasing services 
  • Narimanov district, Ahmad Rajabli 19A
  • Nariman Narimanov
  • Sabunchu district, Bashir Bunyadov 12
  • Ahmadli village, Mahammad Hadi 9 А
  • Narimanov district, Ziya Bunyadov 118
  • Binaqadi district, Binagadi highway 168 B, 5-й этаж здания "Baku Electroncs"
DIREKT TRADING Leasing company in Baku 
  • Narimanov district, Ahmad Rajabli 1/15
  • Nariman Narimanov
  • Khatai district, Khojaly ave. 37
FINEX GROUP Credits in Baku 
  • Nasimi st., Suleyman Rustam 11
  • Yasamal district, Abdurrahim Bey Hagverdiyev 5 B
KREDLIZINQ Leasing services 
  • Yasamal district, Inshaatchilar ave. 22
  • Elmlar Akademiyasi


Sometimes many people confuse leasing with renting. Under a leasing agreement, the leasing company(s) allows you, the lessee, to use their property for a fee. The difference from conventional leasing is that the lessor buys the specific item of your choice. After the contract expires, the item can be returned. For example, you have started a small furniture manufacturing company. You need a truck to deliver goods to customers, but you have no money left. You need a leasing company to buy a car. For example, if you take it for three years, after three years you will return the car to the lessor, or if you prefer, you will buy it as a lump sum. Leasing companies in Azerbaijan mainly operate according to this principle. Leasing companies are listed on our political page, you can browse the relevant menu section.