Fast delivery service from Turkey and America to Azerbaijan.



Baku, Sabail district,
Lermontov 113/117

Monday - Saturday

10:00 - 21:00



About the company

"KOLI" LLC is a company that provides delivery and courier services with a fast mail transportation license obtained according to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

As "KOLI" LLC, we currently provide not only delivery service from Turkey to Azerbaijan, but also "shopping assistant" service, and we also offer warranty service to our customers who use this service.

 The activity of "KOLI" LLC was planned on the basis of a survey conducted among a group of citizens who use the delivery service, based on the results of these surveys. For this reason, we claim that our price policy, service quality, and delivery speed will only aim to satisfy you throughout our entire activity.

Along with all this, "KOLI" LLC is managed by managers who know what social responsibility is and who do not hesitate to share the income they get during their activities with the society that brings them to it.