An ideal place for people suffering from nervous system diseases



Baku, Khazar(ex- Azizbekov) district,
Sergey Yesenin 99

Monday - Sunday

09:00 - 17:00

Mardakan arboretum

About the company

"Guneshli" neurological sanatorium is located in the Mardakan settlement, on the coast of the Absheron peninsula, only 35 km from the city of Baku, which serves as the country's capital. It goes without saying that each of us has heard long stories about the golden sands of Varna, the beaches of Sochi, the air of Crimea and the sun of Anapa. However, among these resorts, only Mardakan has all the natural properties that we have listed. Golden quartz sands, the largest number of sunny days, the Caspian Sea with a moderate temperature and the sun rich in ultraviolet rays are among the distinguishing features of the Absheron resort.

Knowledge about the healing properties of Mardakan's climate type and natural sources has been known since ancient times. For hundreds of years, people have been going to Mardakan for treatment. The air of Mardakan, which is rich in various salts, bromine and iodine vapors, has such a healing effect. And the sea here? The sea water temperature on Mardakan coast is 19oC in May, 27oC in August, and 18.5oC in October. The resort town surrounded by parks and gardens attracts visitors from all over the country. Thousands of people recover their health, rest and gather strength in Mardakan.

The combination of treatment and climatic factors make Mardaka an ideal place for people suffering from nervous system diseases. It is for this reason that the "Guneshli" neurological sanatorium located in Mardakan is very popular. Patients who have chosen "Guneshli" are met and examined by experienced doctors and are under constant medical supervision for the next 18 days. In addition, fully comfortable residential buildings, which architecturally embody the harmony of national architectural traditions and modern style, a tennis court and a large park are always at the service of visitors.

The atmosphere in the sanatorium is so familiar and pleasant that it instantly transmits its positive effect to the visitors. Everything here is subject to a single purpose; this goal is to remove people from unpleasant and irritating factors as much as possible and ensure the effectiveness of treatment. According to doctors, comfortable furniture, non-metallic carpets, wide halls and corridors, in short, aesthetics and harmony are factors that have a therapeutic effect on human health.

The facilities of the balneological clinic include various showers, baths, clinical-diagnostic and biochemical laboratories, various types of inhalations, as well as massage and therapeutic physical training. In the sanatorium, you can receive treatment using iodine-bromine baths, naphthalene therapy, paraffin therapy and natural mud. Sea baths and sleep under the open sky are among the most effective treatments for the recovery and strengthening of the nervous system.

Sun, sea and sand cure many diseases. After more than a week of treatment, patients report that they feel many positive changes: fatigue and bad mood recede, insomnia does not cause anxiety; on the contrary, a person becomes more cheerful and feels much better. In the sanatorium, a comfortable dining room offers various dishes of national and European cuisine.

A diet menu is also provided in the nutrition mode. Undoubtedly, all this helps to improve the mood, and the national cuisine of Azerbaijan, distinguished by its variety and richness, strengthens the appetite even more. Fully equipped single and double rooms are available to visitors.