Construction, electrical and heating substations, large and small household appliances



Baku, Nizami district,
Gara Garayev ave. 87

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Gara Garayev

About the company

Closed joint-stock company "GIDROMASHSERVIS", established on October 31, 1996, today is a modern, developed structure, covering a wide range of construction and installation works. The official distributor of large household appliances "Indesit", "Hotpoint-Ariston" and small household appliances "Polaris". Along with the construction of facilities, installation of equipment and commissioning, we simultaneously complete these facilities with equipment, such as, for example, transformers, motors, pumps and others. We import and install reinforced concrete, metal and plastic pipes of various diameters, reinforced concrete and metal poles for power transmission lines and other structures used in accordance with the specifics of the objects under construction. - Design; - Topographic and geodetic works; - Construction of non-residential buildings; - Laying communications for residential and non-residential complex (boiler rooms, power lines, heating mains); - Roads, bridges, hydraulic engineering: closed and open water reservoirs, irrigation systems, drainage systems, pipelines, pumping stations; - Production base, own concrete plants in Baku and Beylagan. - Workshop of metal structures; - Workshop for the production of stone products; - Workshop for the production of joinery; - Own large fleet of cars and trucks, construction equipment: cranes and caterpillar excavators; front loaders; tractors (from 12 m to 22 m); pipelayers; bulldozers; climbers; trucks and cars; dump trucks; concrete mixers; vans; lifting installations. - Building materials, plumbing, household appliances: Thermal systems (CHAPPEE and De Dietrich Termique (France), De'Longhi (Italy), BAXI Calefaccion SL (Italy), KAN-therm (Poland); - Hydraulic construction: closed and open water reservoirs, irrigation systems, drainage systems, pipelines, pumping stations.