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Elevator equipment

Click on the link to find the addresses and contact information of stores offering elevator equipment and consumables.

ASLIFT Lift equipment 
  • Sabunchu district, Yaver Aliyev 26 C
  • Neftchilar
  • Narimanov district, Alasgar Gayibov 10 С
  • Bakmil (Depo)
AZKON LIFT COMPANY Delivery of Elevators, escalators and walking paths (from the Plant manufacturer), installation / dismantling of equipment, development of projects corresponding to our activities, Modernization of lifting devices, maintenance and repair of Elevators, escalators and walking paths 
  • Narimanov district, 9
  • Nariman Narimanov
AZLIFT PRO Rental, sale and service of lifting and loading equipment 
  • Narimanov district, Ziya Bunyadov 2075
  • Bakmil (Depo)
BAKI LIFT-TEMIR (1) Bakı Lift-Repair Productional Union 
  • Nasimi st., Dilara Aliyeva 164
BAKI LIFT-TEMIR (2) Bakı Lift-Repair Productional Union 
  • Nasimi st., 43
BAKI LIFT-TEMIR (3) Baku Lift-maintenance Production Association  
  • Khatai district, Mahammad Hadi 97
  • Hazi Aslanov
BAKI LIFT-TEMIR (4) Baku Lift-Repair Production Union 
  • Sabunchu district, Sulh 252
BAKI LIFT-TEMIR (5) Baku Lift-Repair Production Union 
  • Yasamal district, Ени Ясамал, 2
BAKI LIFT-TEMIR (6) Baku Lift-Repair Production Union 
  • Nizami district, Jumshud Nakhchivanskiy 75

Elevator equipment

Lift devices are an excellent technical means for lifting passengers and various goods to the desired floor. Due to their individuality and various modifications, elevator devices are widely used both in residential buildings and in enterprises, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants. Elevator equipment requires periodic maintenance, sometimes replacement of elevator equipment or adjustment of other technical parameters is required. The addresses and contact details of shops selling elevator equipment in Baku are listed in the list, which you can familiarize yourself with.