"Azerbaijan New Generation Lawyers Association" Public Union



Baku, Nasimi st.,
Mirali Gashgay 28

AFCOM Plaza, 2nd floor

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00


28 May

About the company

After the independence of our republic, legal state building, formation of civil society, radical reforms covering all areas of the country, which have been carried out in the last twenty years, created fertile conditions for people to participate in active social processes. The association also emerged as a product of such fertile conditions and mainly aimed to unite young lawyers. The purpose of the association, as reflected in its Charter, is to promote the active participation of lawyers in the process of legal state-building and civil society development, to increase their scientific knowledge and professional skills, to study the problems of lawyers and to make suggestions for their elimination, to educate children, teenagers and young people against harmful tendencies. consists of conducting. The name of the association was not chosen randomly. Our public association is not an alternative to such associations of professionals, but aims to develop the knowledge and skills and professional habits of young lawyers, who we can call the new generation, and at the same time, to instill in them that having a profession that is appreciated in society is not an advantage, but a responsibility. We believe that the new generation should be evaluated not by the criterion of age, but by the criterion of legal thinking. The new generation that we wish for is a generation of lawyers who respect the past, appreciate all the progressive works done, are not indifferent to the future development of our independent state built on stability, dynamic development and progress, and preserve their patriotic, moral and national moral values. In this regard, we see that there is no age limit for New Generation lawyers. Representatives of such a Generation are as numerous today as they were yesterday. To ensure the health of the foundation of the Generation that adheres to this thought. it is up to us professional lawyers to preserve it. Our association declares that our professional lawyers must understand their responsibility for the rule of law, the principles of respect for the law and the law to become the dogma of the society. After regaining its independence, the Republic of Azerbaijan confidently moves forward on the path of gradual development. The dynamic reforms carried out have led to transformations towards development in socio-political, economic, socio-cultural fields. All these processes serve to improve the living conditions of the country's citizens and strengthen Azerbaijan's position among the world states. The face of modern Azerbaijan is formed by the modernizing and modernizing society. In these conditions, it is necessary for youth to be active, which is a symbol of the concept of the future, and it is the main condition for sustainable development in society. Young people with a new way of thinking, who are enterprising, educated and capable, and at the same time loyal to national and moral values, must give a solid answer to the challenges facing Azerbaijan and sign future successes while maintaining the achievements of the modern era. It is these young people who should formalize the new citizen image in Azerbaijan and lead independent Azerbaijan to a secure future. We consider democracy as a part of society's life, a way of thinking of its members, a form of interaction between all its members within society. It states that democracy is the sovereign choice of each nation to determine the strategy and path of its own development, it emphasizes the necessity of the existence and functioning of democratic institutions for the sake of the people's well-being and its full life, and at the same time, we strongly condemn the intention of using them for foreign goals and objectives. From this point of view, we see democracy as a product of the Azerbaijani society and we deny the non-evolutionary models introduced from outside. In this way, we declare that our values ​​are open society, democratic transformation in line with national development and liberal economy. We, as the Association of New Generation Lawyers of Azerbaijan, have set our goal to build a new-format organization based on modern technologies and work style in Azerbaijan, to contribute to the healthy development of the thinking of young people, who are considered an active category of the population, and to the formation of a new citizen who is nourished by democratic values ​​and protects the national identity. Accepting evolution as the only way of development of our society, we consider ensuring the active participation of young lawyers in this direction as one of the main tasks. We are innovators, and as innovators, we act as an integrator of innovation and modernization in our society. We, as the representatives of contemporary Azerbaijani youth, while building our future, realizing the responsibility of the work done today, relying on our national and spiritual roots, base the achievements achieved for sustainable development.